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Polder Pike (by Stefaan)

This afternoon, I got drawn to the Belgian Polders again and fished for about two hours, until my back was aching too much and I had to stop. But it was enough to pull this lady out. Exactly 99cm! I … Continue reading

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Homemade Tube Vise (by Stefaan)

I’m sure that a lot of people out there recognise this picture,“damn, there goes that needle again!” Of course you can buy a tube vise, but over here in Belgium, they are rather rare (not to mention expensive). So I … Continue reading

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Polder Pike (by Stefaan)

Yesterday, I went fishing again on a water near my home, but beside one pike following my streamer, I didn’t see a thing. I also met several lure fishermen with the same results and answers “it’s to early man, it’s … Continue reading

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Some Flash Flies for Pike (by Stefaan)

This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours along the water, but since this pole was the only thing I hooked, I won’t waste anymore words on the mater. I did feel good to be out there though. And I … Continue reading

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Pike Flies (by Stefaan)

Actually I wanted my first post to be a picture of myself holding a big pike, so I planned to go fishing this afternoon… but something came up and I wasn’t able to go anywhere. Damn! But I did tie … Continue reading

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First Pike of the Season (by Koen)

Mid September. After a very warm summer, the plans were made with 2 friends to go into the Belgian polders and fish for pike. Water temperature is now 17 degrees. When we arrived at our fishing spot we immediately saw … Continue reading

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Kick Off

A while ago, two fly fishing friends (Koen Vandendriessche and Anthony Carpels) had some problems finding the materials they wanted to use to tie their predator flies. So they started looking for the stuff themselves. Of course that didn’t pass … Continue reading

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