First Pike of the Season (by Koen)

Mid September.
After a very warm summer, the plans were made with 2 friends to go into the Belgian polders and fish for pike. Water temperature is now 17 degrees.
When we arrived at our fishing spot we immediately saw that the water wasn’t very clear. The large amounts of rain of the last days turned the water into almost coffee with milk…

I took the opportunity to test a new product of our shop: the Redington Vapen Black Aftma 9 with an Airflo Striper Intermediate.
What a combination!
The redington really surprised me: light, fast action and the grip is really very soft.
I also had the Redington Vapen Red in the car in Aftma 10 but the rod would have been to heavy for the conditions we were fishing in…

IMG 3663 R

We started the day at 08:30 with Dimitri and Frederic. On his first throw, Dimitri already missed a small pike on a tube-fly. This could become a very good day!
But after 1 hour, it was still 0 – 0 – 0.

I changed my fly into an articulated streamer of 20 cm (game changer) because of the dark water.
And this proved to be the right choice!

A hard strike, a good and short fight, and there she was: 88 cm.


Dimitri landed the pike and Frederic took some pictures. 2 minutes later she was back in the water.
We continued for 20 minutes but decided to stop and to take a look at some other fishing spots.

Great to start the pike season with this lady.  Hopefully we will be back with more pike catches in the next weeks!

See you all and tight lines,


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