Kick Off

A while ago, two fly fishing friends (Koen Vandendriessche and Anthony Carpels) had some problems finding the materials they wanted to use to tie their predator flies. So they started looking for the stuff themselves. Of course that didn’t pass unnoticed to friends and fellow fly fishermen, so about a year later their efforts resulted in an online web shop and a brand new store in the little town of Oostrozebeke (Belgium). By that time it all consumed a lot of time (which they didn’t have) so Stefaan Demiddele (aka ‘the lonesome piker’) joined the team.

So that’s where we are right now, three fly fishing friends who are selling the exact same stuff they are fishing with themselves. And that last part, the fishing (and tying flies) we would like to share on a blog and get to know more people with the same interests.

So, let’s get on with it…

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2 Responses to Kick Off

  1. Edwin says:

    About time,looking forward! Congrats 🙂


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