Some Flash Flies for Pike (by Stefaan)

This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours along the water, but since this pole was the only thing I hooked, I won’t waste anymore words on the mater. I did feel good to be out there though.

3871 2 R

And I still had a whole rack of flash flies that needed an epoxy head, so that’s where my evening went. I’ve been tying this kind of fly for several years, but now I use our own Mylar Bi- and Tri-Flash. I just love the way this stuff moves in the water. Here are some examples.

3873 2 R

A silver / copper / gold blend and a silver / light blue blend.

I really like these blends with black. Here with silver and gold.

3876 2 R

And this is my favourite, black and red.

3875 2 R

So I tied me a pile for the shop. They’re all about 16 to 17cm long (I find that a good average for both small and bigger pike), tied on a PFF Saltwater Longshank 4/0.

3877 2 R

And tomorrow there are a couple of hours of fishing planned again, so wish me luck…

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