Homemade Tube Vise (by Stefaan)

I’m sure that a lot of people out there recognise this picture,“damn, there goes that needle again!”

3888 2 R

Of course you can buy a tube vise, but over here in Belgium, they are rather rare (not to mention expensive). So I thought to myself, why don’t I go explain my problem to my neighbour Frans, he’s quite handy with these kind of things.

So I took the needle and a couple of my vises and explained him what I like and don’t like about them and what I needed. He took a good look at the vises and started drawing stuff, until a day later he came up with something that pleased us both.

So the last couple of days I went to see the progress daily.

This is Frans, busy with yet another piece of the puzzle.

3872 2 R

And today it was ready! And it’s even better than I ever hoped it would be.

Here it is, my brand new rotary tube vise:

3890 2 R

And the needle won’t come off, I can guarantee you that! It puts in very easily…

3891 2 R

While this wheel, controls an axle spindle which goes straight trough the main axle…

3892 2 R

to tighten this piece which holds your needle very solid.

3894 2 R

But, that’s not all, because the entire front piece can be detached…

3895 2 R

and this piece can be screwed on and tightened by the same axle spindle that holds the needle in place. I like this classic head which comes from a non rotating model on which Frans put a new piece to fit this setup.

3897 2 R

So I don’t just have a new tube vise but a regular one as well.

3898 2 R

It’s strong and robust, on a 4,2kg footplate (I know, it’s not a travelling model, but that’s what I wanted), although it can be put it into clamps as well (I’ve got two sets of clamps from other vises which fit perfectly). And since I put my left hand a lot against the mid section (with the ball bearings) while I’m tying (I’m right handed), I asked to put the wheel that controls the tension of the main axle, on the backside (I find it very annoying when the tension suddenly changes while I’m busy).

3899 2 R

I’m sure that this vise will give me a lot of tying pleasure for a long time, and I can’t thank my neighbour Frans enough for all the time and effort he has put in to this beautiful piece of work.

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2 Responses to Homemade Tube Vise (by Stefaan)

  1. Edwin Vanderstichele says:

    damned that i don’t have such a handy neighbor . very nice piece of handsmancraft indeed


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