Polder Pike (by Stefaan)

This afternoon, I got drawn to the Belgian Polders again and fished for about two hours, until my back was aching too much and I had to stop. But it was enough to pull this lady out.

3900 2 R

Exactly 99cm! I tried to stretch her tail a bit to reach that magical 100 but that didn’t work. Of course I could say that she measured 100cm (none of you would know), but I’m just not like that.

Afterwards I caught another one from about 50cm, and missed two, so in Belgian standards it was a successful two hours of fishing!

And I’m very pleased with the setup I’m fishing with.

3903 2 R

I cast my fly diagonal to the other side, so I have about 8 to 10 meter to present my fly in the water. I use an intermediate glass line which makes my slider (with a deer hair head) dive immediately (instead of skittering the surface if you should use a floating line). I pause several times while retrieving which makes this fly hang still (instead of dropping to the bottom) while the buck tail and feathers open up. And there’s no chance of going too deep and hook the ground because at such a short distance you’re retrieving your line upwards towards your feet again once your fly is halfway. And the head pushes a lot of water which pike can feel from a long distance in these murky waters. Try it out…

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