Foggy October Polder Session (by Anthony)

6.30 This morning. What the hell was I thinking when I agreed earlier this week to meet up at 8.00 o’clock in our beautiful Flemish polder.

4-10-15 1

It is a 45 minute drive for me to the place where we would gather to go pike fishing. When I walk over to my car I notice the thick mist, and the cold temperature outside give me a jumpstart. On the drive over, sipping from my cup of tea, I am already dreaming of big pike on the other end of my fly line.

4-10-15 2

At the rendezvous point I meet up with Fabris, and Koen, good friends and also good fishermen. First we have a quick coffee and a croissant (thanks again Fabris) and we discuss the plan of attack for that day. Fabris has a few ideas on possible hotspots for pike and soon after we are on the move. That heavy mist is lingering but the sun is doing her best to peak a hole through it.

4-10-15 3

4-10-15 4

Koen gets his Redington Vapen black out and chooses to fish a silver flash streamer; I am going to fish our Pike hunter with a pink and white articulated dear hair streamer. Given the size of the head on that streamer it should and will cause quite some commotion under water.

4-10-15 5

The place Fabris chose looks very promising and the horses in the paddock across the water are following our every move. Meanwhile the sun is gaining on the fog and it will not be long or we will be enjoying her full strength.

Unfortunately none of us get a reaction from the water and we are left empty handed on the first site. Not to worry though, the second spot could be better. I even got the time to test my setup I will be fishing in Denmark in 2 weeks from now, so nothing is lost.

When we arrive at the second spot, the heat of the sun chased all the fog away and it feels quite comfortable now.

Koen immediately spots a pike in nothing more than 30 centimetres of water. He launches his streamer a few times in its direction but the fish is hardly interested.

We continue fishing and all of a sudden I spot a moving pike. I place my streamer one meter ahead of the pike and manage to get its attention. The fish turns towards the fire tiger tube fly that I have put on in the meanwhile. It comes closer, and closer, then touches it with its nose, and turns away in Fabris’ direction. That is the moment when you go nuts, isn’t it? You see it coming and then, nothing. I yell at Fabris where he should cast and … fish on! At least one of us could fool it into a take. The fish is quickly out of the water and after taking a snap shot, released back. Unfortunately we will have to settle with this one pike and can not get any more fish.

4-10-15 6 R

We try 2 more places that hold pike for sure but no way of getting them. Is it the clear water combined with the sun, are they having a lazy Sunday, we won’t know. Generally speaking the water levels were very low, but that shouldn’t keep a hungry pike from striking.

No harm done anyway. We got out with friends, had a good time, and tested our gear for our upcoming adventure …. Hey, I am cool with that; we will catch some next time.

Tight lines to all of you out there!

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2 Responses to Foggy October Polder Session (by Anthony)

  1. Edwin says:

    Hoi kerels julie hadden meer geluk deze morgen dus . Ik heb net hetzelfde geprobeerd in enkele oost vlaamse wateren ttz enkele afgesneden schelde armen langsheen ename zingem en zo . Het is een grote disilussie hier deze kanten. Verloederde waters totaal geen beheer laat staan gezonde visstand. Elke rechtgeaarde sportvisser ongeacht zijn discipline zou 1, een openbare vergunning moeten kopen en 2, zich aansluitn bij een vereniging want wij worden gewoon (zeker hier indeze streek )niet serieus genomen en verdrongen door andere groene jongens.Voorbeelden genoeg waar wij niet meer welkom zijn terwijl wij uiteindelijk toch ook een vorm van natuurbeleving willen meemaken,.
    Er is overheids gezien geen geld om beheerswerken uit te (laten) voeren. Is het dan geen idee om visclubs waters in beheer te geven ? Misschien gebeurt er zo tenminste toch iets.

    Waren zo wat bedenkingen van iemand die een dag blanktte 😦 !
    Ik wou dit toch even kwijt , hopelijk zonder te vervelen .



  2. pffguys says:

    Dat moest er even uit blijkbaar. en nu diep ademhalen Edwin! Maar er loopt inderdaad nog te veel mis, daarin heb je gelijk.


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