Articulated Albino Pike Flies (by Stefaan)

Last week, Koen asked me to tie some articulated flies for his upcoming fishing trip to Denmark, and he gave me a couple of packages of these UV EP brushes to do so.

4021 2 R

He also asked me to leave them white and leave the last eye of the tail on, so he could, if necessary, add a split ring with a stinger hook.

I tied them on a setup like this.

4011 2 R

So here they are, four albinos. They’re only 16cm long so I don’t think a stinger will be necessary, but it’s still possible.

4006 2 R

Now, these ready made brushes are easy to work with, but if you make them yourself, it works just as fine. This is a brush with EP I made myself.

4013 2 R

And it doesn’t always have to be EP either. I made a couple of these with Craft Fur and some Polar Flash mixed into it.

4014 2 R

And I tied them on a setup like this. I used the Craft Fur brushes for the tail and body and the EP brush for the head.

4012 2 R

And there you have another albino. I’m looking forward to seeing this one in action…

4017 2 R

…and I promise to put a bit more colour in the next flies I post…

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