Articulated Pike Flies, Scandinavian Style (by Stefaan)

Sleeping, sweating, coughing my lungs out and eating more medicine than actual food. That’s the picture of my last 5 days, and it sucks! I did manage to watch some YouTube films though and I wanted to share this next one. You probably saw it already, but if you didn’t, be ready for a surprise because nobody ever made a tutorial film like this before (just watch and see).

Funny isn’t it. Now of course I had to try to tie some flies like that, although I did make some changes. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Ulf Hagström (to me, he’s one of the best fly tiers out there); I just didn’t have all the materials he uses.

First, he uses Nayat, which looks like very interesting stuff, but I don’t have any. So I used our own Synthetic Wave Fibre which should have the same perks for the job.

4047 2 R

It won’t slide trough your bucktail and it will keep the rest of the material from wrapping around the hook. It has one disadvantage though; it can’t be used to make the heads the way he makes them. So I used Artic Fox instead for the heads (and Icelandic Sheep for the chartreuse one). They will be a bit heavier to cast, but I didn’t find any other solution.

And I used our own flash materials, but that won’t change much either.

They’re all about 26 to 28cm long. The first one I tried to tie as close to the original as I could, and the others are just some colour variations on the same pattern.

It took me 4 days to tie them, 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, until I started to sweat and everything became fuzzy again (damn I hate being sick). So I can’t say that I’m really happy with them, but the pike won’t mind.

4038 2 R

4040 2 R

4042 2 R

4043 2 R

Thursday, Koen and Anthony are going on a fishing trip to Denmark for a couple of days, so hopefully that will result in a post full of nice looking pike…

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