Pike Tube Flies (by Stefaan)

Since I wasn’t able to do much the last two weeks, I’ve been surfing on the internet a lot. Doing so, I arrived (again) on Holger Lachmann’s blog http://theonefly.com check it out, because he ties some very nice flies. The reason I tell you this, is because a while ago I saw his pike tube flies with craft fur heads for the first time and I immediately thought, this is something I would like to try myself.

So today, I finally tried.

4055 1 R

4056 1 R

4058 1 R

4059 1 R

4062 1 R

4063 1 R

They’re all about 18cm long and fairly easy to tie.

-bucktail (hollow tie)

-flash over it (I used Saltwater Angelhair from Pro Sportfisher)

-optional: some saddle hackles

-craft fur (tied in reverse), pulled backwards to glue the eyes on. And determine the shape with some UV resin.

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