Finally out fishing again (by Stefaan)

Although it’s far from ideal pike weather in Belgium at the moment (no wind at all and up 20°C today), I wanted to try it anyway.

Yesterday I was invited by two friends in the French speaking part of Belgium, Sebastien and Michael, to check out some of their local waters because they want to start with fly fishing for pike as well.

4034 1 R

We tried some very nice looking waters, like this old canal. But there wasn’t any activity there and I’m not sure it will be a good pike water, but we saw loads of perch. So to go back there with some lighter equipment to chase perch might be fun.

163345 1 R

But I immediately fell in love with this old river arm. There’s not much room to cast from the banks, but I’m surely going back there with a belly boat.

4064 1 R

I was able to pull this one out though (so we know there is at least one pike).

Not much fish, but I had a great afternoon and evening (I think I ate enough for the rest of the week). So thanks again guys, we will be doing that again soon!

I also had a call from Fabris to give it a try in the Belgian polders again today.

4067 1 R

It was a beautiful morning and the three of us (Dimitri was there as well) soon had some nice sized pike following our streamers, but no bites.

4076 1 R

The first one to succeed was Fabris. “Seventy something”, he said when I asked him if it was a big one.

4077 1 R

Don’t be so modest Fabris, this is at least an 80cm pike.

4084 1 R

Dimitri was less lucky today. I saw his 90cm+ pike jump out of the water one last time and spit out his streamer. And that was all for him today.

4078 1 R

Maybe he found some comfort in putting a net under this 97cm lady for me. It certainly helped me to feel very good!

So again, not much fish, but you don’t hear me complaining. With this weather, I wasn’t expecting any fish at all.

More pike is coming, because Koen and Dimitri didn’t do so badly at the contest last Saturday, but I’ll let Koen tell you all about it…

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