Rodtrip Pike Challenge (by Koen)

Well, it started very early! 04:45 when a very unpleasant ringtone woke me up…

A quick sower, no coffee, no breakfast… This time Rodtrip was going to prepare breakfast for us.

It was around 5:45 when Dimitri arrived at the carpool in Erpe-Mere. We rushed to get all his gear in my car and started a 1h15 drive to Fosses-la-Ville.

There was nobody on the road, so we could make up some extra time.

It was around 06:50 when we arrived at the lake of Bambois. The first 2 guys that showed up in the dark were Kim Vis and Jan Bergs…and they were not the only ones!

3879 2 R

Before we emptied the car, we first said “hello” to the guys of Rodtrip. It was clear from the beginning: this was going to be a well-organized day! The Rodtrip organization had an eye for detail!

In the meantime all the other participants were arriving; guys from Holland, guys from Germany… they all looked focused and very professional!

3876 2 R

After the speech of Matthias, we all could take place in our labeled boats. One after one, we could go on the lake and wait for the signal to start.

Neither Dimitri, nor myself did feel stress! We were here to have fun!

After 25 minutes I got a first strike but missed it, but 10 minutes later Dimitri got his first pike in the boat. At that time, every other boat was catching pike too. The guys from Rodtrip who had to measure all the pike were very busy!!

3873 2 R

The next 2 hours were a little frustrating. I missed another pike and for the rest… no action at all! Luckily, Dimitri was in the boat and a I have to say it, I laughed with him the whole day! I even saw him breakdancing in the boat from time to time!

3856 2 R

5 minutes before the break I got a little stroke and this time we managed to get the pike in the boat, what a relief…

At 12:00 the signal went off again and it was time for a lunch

During the break, it was clear that we weren’t going to be the winners of this competition. 2 guys from Germany already had 7 pike and knowing the afternoon is the most difficult period, a small miracle had to happen to beat them…

4 beers later, we were heading to the boats again to try to catch up with the Germans.

4074 2 R

Jérémy blew the horn again and every-one started to cast his streamers back in the lake.

The first hour was calm, very calm…no strike, no other boats catching pike. At 14:30 we heard the boat in front of us screaming: Fish on!  Later it was going to be the biggest pike of the day…89 cm!

Some other boats also had some action but it was very difficult to catch pike for every-one. Small streamers up to 14 cm made the difference!

I was able to seduce 2 more pike with a yellow flash-streamer of 12 cm. Dimitri had no action at all…

At 17:00, the signal went off again and the 10 boats got safely back to shore.

Before we could bring our gear back from the boat, some fishermen were eager to try the Redington Vapen Black #9. Apparently a good combination with the Airflo 6th sense S3 !

It was great to meet some new guys and to talk about nothing but… fishing! More specifically fly fishing, fly-tying, pike, seabass… All those passionate people together is really very interesting!

Somewhere around 20:00 Matthias and Jérémy started with the final scores: The German guys on the first place! Well-deserved with 9 pike in the boat!

Our Team, Predator Fly Fishing, ended on the 4th place and we were very happy with it!!!!

A special thanks to the guys of Rodtrip for the perfect organization! Well done and see you all next year!

4089 2 R

And because I forgot to take more pictures for the blog, this morning I was able to catch this one…

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One Response to Rodtrip Pike Challenge (by Koen)

  1. rik says:

    proficiat voor het team, met dergelijk materiaal kan dit ook niet anders


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