Is it the Weather? (by Stefaan)

Pike fishing in Belgium is very hard at the moment. Is it the weather? I don’t know. Last Sunday for example, we’ve fished for 5 hours with 3 guys; result: 0 fish. And we got friends fishing elsewhere; result: 0 fish.

4111 1 R

Here’s Anthony last Sunday trying his luck.

But since yesterday we’ve had a lot of wind in the Belgian Polders, so this morning, Fabris and I gave it another try.

4131 1 R

At first we thought that the wind had changed the pikes behaviour in a good way for us, because within half an hour I was able to hook these two.

4125 1 R

4118 1 R

Which is nice of course, but that was it. The following hours we didn’t have a single bite.

What it is, I don’t know. What I do know, is that I’m not giving up. Tomorrow I’m going back again…

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