Still Trying (by Stefaan)

Last Wednesday, Fabris and I tried to chuck some fluff at pike again, to say it like that grumpy Scottish caveman (no offence, Dave!). And there’s not much to write about. Not a single bite for the both of us until Fabris finally hooked this one. And that was it.

4135 1 R

Seriously Fabris, I know it’s slow fishing at the moment, but you should at least try to smile a bit when you catch one!

4140 1 R

And today I was invited by Edwin to fish at “Indiana”, the home water of “the Royal Coachman Flyfishing Club”. This is actually a trout reservoir, but of course, we would be going after pike. Now, Edwin told me that it’s a difficult water to fish and they had a huge death of fish with lots of (big) pike among them. “So if you want to come blank with me,” he said, “you’re more than welcome”. Of course I couldn’t resist after hearing all those promising words.

4139 1 R

Besides, I didn’t use my belly boat in a while, it was a beautiful morning and Edwin is good company to be around with. So I was just going to take it as it came and enjoy a couple of hours on the water.

But it appears that “Friday the thirteenth” doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck in the eyes of the fishing gods (I think they just don’t use a calendar), because it didn’t take long for Edwin to hook a pike from around 65cm. unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it.

4138 1 R

Here’s Edwin paddling around.

And about two hours later I hooked this little fellow.

0046 2 R

So, not a lot of fish, but we didn’t blank, and I had a great time! So thanks again Edwin…

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