Nutt Butter Pike Version (by Stefaan)

Sometimes I come across a step by step of a fly on the internet which looks interesting. So, I print it out, put it in a folder… and then forget all about it. The same happened with this one. But while I was looking for something else yesterday, I stumbled onto the Nutt Butter again.

The original fly by Matt Grajewski was intended for big trout, but the first time I saw it,      I immediately thought it could work just as fine for pike (with some adjustments made).

You can find a step by step of the original trout version HERE. And while I was looking it up again yesterday, apparently somebody had the same idea (this pattern is just asking for it). “Fly Fishing the Ozarks” already put a video online of a pike version, which you can find HERE.

I did make them a little different though. First of all I used an articulated shank instead of wire and a third hook, like this…

4247 1 R

And I tied in a copper wire counter clockwise, to protect the schlappen feathers, just like I would on a Woolly Bugger. I also used wool for the heads (but that was just to make them a bit more personal).

So here they are, three times 22cm of fluffy pike snacks…

4235 1 R

4236 1 R

4237 1 R

This is a great pattern, and a lot of fun to tie. They look so “eatable”, don’t they.

4239 1 R

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