“Pop Touch” Pike Flies (by Stefaan)

Last week Bob Popovics’ new book,” Fleye Design” finally arrived (I already ordered it in advance 6 weeks ago). And I can highly recommend it to anyone who ties saltwater and other predator flies. It’s just great to see how he keeps evolving, and improving his own patterns.

Fleye Design R

I won’t get any deeper into it, just buy it, and see for yourself.

What is worth mentioning as well, is part III, “Evolution of Fleye Design, Influences and advances”, where other tiers use Bob Popovics’ patterns as a base to create their own stuff. Guys like Steve Farrar, Blane Chocklett, Dave Skok, David Nelson, Paul Dixon and Jonny King.

That last one (combined with Bob Popovics) inspired me to tie the following flies.

They’re tied on a Traun Premium Pike Hook, size 6/0 and a 35 mm articulated shank. the first are about 25cm long.

4342 1 R

And these are about 23cm long.

4343 1 R

I won’t give these flies a name, as I hardly ever do (anymore, I admit that I used to be ignorant myself). The more you look around and look into the history of fly tying, the more you will see that practically everything has been done before by someone else. Giving your flies a name because you make something a little smaller, bigger or use different materials, I find to be disrespectful and selfish (unless you refer to the original in your name). I like mixing different patterns and techniques myself, but that doesn’t mean I invented them. Just give the credit to the guys who deserve it. And Bob Popovics is certainly one of them. He’s one of my heroes, that’s for sure…

Oh, and if you don’t have his previous book “Pop Fleyes” yet,

 Pop Fleyes R

it’s worth buying too!

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One Response to “Pop Touch” Pike Flies (by Stefaan)

  1. Edwin Vanderstichele says:

    what a beaty’s ,we can call you the “Belgian Popovics” that’s for sure 🙂 !


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