Filling Boxes (by Stefaan)

The pike season over here has almost ended, and it was probably the worst one ever. Certainly for me, I blanked the last five times I was out there. So I ended up with not going out much at all. It would have been more stimulating if I had heard some better results from my friends, but it seems that it was a mutual disease we all suffered from.

So we are already dreaming of Irish pike, in exactly 2 months we’re off again to chase Irish beauties (nice pike, I mean). There still are several other things planned before that (more on that later), but most of us have already started filling boxes with pike flies for Ireland. Now, I can’t say that I’m short of flies, but you know how it goes, you always think that you don’t have enough and that the latest you’ve tied will be better than the previous ones, so I find myself filling boxes as well. Besides, a couple of the guys who are coming along this year don’t tie flies that well, and somehow it always ends with “ask Stefaan, he will have some flies he can miss” (very strange).

Anyway, this is what I’ve been tying lately. They are pretty much the same as the flies a couple of posts back, but without the rattle and the bulky heads.

Just 2 brass wire brushes with EP Fibre and Polar Flash, like this…

DSCN4352 2

Wrapped forward on a hook and an articulated shank, like this.

DSCN4357 2

Once you’ve cut them into shape, they look like this.

DSCN4355 2

A very easy fly to cast, with great movement in the water, with a length of 20cm.

DSCN4360 2

These are all a mix of silver grey EP with silver Polar Flash (other colours will follow).

I already tied some smaller versions as well (without the articulated shank), with a length of 17cm. Just a single brush on a hook, so it can’t get much easier than this.

DSCN4363 2

These will be great to comb out the reed beds in Ireland, but they will work equally well in the Belgian (or Dutch) polders.

And for the open water, I tied two more like the ones in the “Pop Touch” post, in white/tan/olive. These are 25 and 27cm long.

DSCN4366 2

There are still loads of things I want to tie, and there’s the beginning of the trout season as well next month, so…

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