Quick Update (by Stefaan)

Yes, I know, it’s been a while. Since the others don’t have any time to write and I got ‘stuck’ in the Belgian Ardennes for a couple of weeks (with a horrible internet connection), things got a bit neglected on this blog.

We did plan a day out to France with some friends a couple of weeks ago, but since I don’t like driving for hours, fish all day and drive all the way back again on the same day, I didn’t go along.

There were some nice fish caught, and pictures taken, but since Koen managed to drop his smartphone in his fishing pound at home, these are to only pictures I was able to get my hands on.

Koen France

Koen with a nice pike,

Cedric France

and Cedric for the first time in a belly boat.

And like I said, I was in the Belgian Ardennes chasing trout. I just love it there in early springtime, when the trees don’t have any leaves yet; it’s completely different than summertime.

4512 R

4513 R

Fishing isn’t at his top yet since we are not aloud to enter the water yet (stupid Belgian fishing law), so it’s mainly streamer fishing (and hooking trees behind me). But hey, it’s a lot better than no fishing at all.

Not the biggest trout either (25 to 35cm), but they are beautiful.

4516 R

4532 R

My two friends Sebastien and Michael spent some time there as well, and they caught some nice ones too.

This is Seb,

4521 R

and this is Mic.

Mic Bohan 2

(I know, they still have to learn how to pose properly with a trout)

So not much news, but that will change! Because Friday we’re off to Ireland again to toss some big ass streamers at those lovely pike they have over there.

So hopefully we will be able to post a lot of (big) pike in the next couple of weeks…

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One Response to Quick Update (by Stefaan)

  1. Beautiful trout well done !


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