Pimping Up my Float Tube (by Stefaan)

For a while now, I had some modifications for my float tube in my head. And since I’m off to Ireland in just two days, it was about time I did something about it. So for the last two days, my dad and I put our heads (and hands) together to realise my ideas.

First of all, I wanted to get rid off those bags (to put your gear in) on top of the sides. I like some space for my arms for casting, retrieving, setting the hook, or whatever, and those bags were starting to get on my nerves.

4551 2 R

I also wanted to keep the basket (with two batteries) to stop sliding downwards into my back while I’m on the water; that was very annoying. Even with the stretchers I used before, sooner or later it started pushing against my back. And now, it just can’t move.

4554 2 R

The shelf attached to the tubes is for my electric engine, which goes straight down trough the bottom of the float tube. But, both tubes and shelve take off completely when I don’t need them.

There is also a switch fixed on the underside of the shelf forward left (where my depth finder is installed), to start and stop the electric engine. That way I don’t always have to spin my spine 180° to reach for the on and off switch (I already have problems enough with my back).

4555 2 R

And I wanted a horizontal rack for two rods. Those vertical ones are great when your fishing with lures and stuff, but when you have to lean into the wind backwards with your float tube and have to cast sideways with a fly rod (and line), having two rods standing up can become very risky. Here they are on the rack in full length, but with rougher weather I will put them on in half the length (I don’t want any waves rolling over the tips of my rods).

As you can see, I installed an action camera on a rotatable tube, so I can film (or take a picture) from any angle I want. Or just take the whole thing off if I don’t need it.

A nice gadget which comes with the camera is this bracelet with buttons to start and stop filming or take a picture; so no more reaching out, and start searching how to start the damn thing while you’re drilling a fish.

4557 2 R

The whole frame is attached where the oars used to be (I never use them anyway), and takes apart in three pieces so you don’t need a lot of space to store it.

4549 2 R

I’m quite pleased with the result,… and now just a couple of days of patience and I can test it on an Irish lough…

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