Ireland, Spring 2016 part 2 (by Stefaan)

Another week has past, here in beautiful Ireland, and some new folks have arrived to fish.

Here you see Cedric, ready to try out another lake.

1 ire 2 R

The fishing itself hasn’t improved since last week. The temperature has gone up a bit, but we had some serious winds almost the entire week. So, the more promising (bigger) lakes were too difficult to fish on. Thus we had to improvise and do whatever we could do; it wasn’t easy, but we managed to catch fish anyway.

For Diego and his father Martin it was their first time in Ireland, and they wanted to fish the lakes by kayak. Martin, who usually fishes for pike with lures and stuff, only started fly fishing a couple of months ago. So he brought both kind of rods with him to be sure. So I thought he was going to fish his lures all the time with an occasional cast of a fly in between, but oh no! He really persisted on casting flies (that’s the spirit Martin!). And although his casting abilities are still very poor, he did manage to catch some pike every day!

2 ire 2 R

They weren’t very big, but he had a great time anyway.

3 ire 2 R

4 ire 2 R

Diego was more experienced with a fly rod, so he caught more fish, but the big ones will be for a next time. Here are some of his catches.

7 ire 2 R

5 ire 2 R

6 ire 2 R

Diego’s mom, Ingrid came over as well and wanted to come along to whatever lake we went. One day they had a small accident with their car, so everything had to happen with my little van (with only 2 seats in the front), so we stashed Ingrid in the back (maybe that was a poor way of thanking her for her excellent cooking, but she didn’t complain, and she even had a lot of fun in there).

8 ire 2 R

The catcher of the week though was most certainly Cedric. He came over by plane for just four days of fishing, but he managed to have most of the action.

9 ire 2 R

Here are some of his pike caught.

10 ire 2 R

11 ire 2 R

With a new personal best on top of the list: 108cm, well done Cedric!

12 ire 2 R

Let’s see that one from yet another angle. Oh yes, what a beauty!

13 ire 2 R

So thanks folks, for a very pleasant week of fishing (and company), and I hope we can do it all over again sometimes.

And me? Well, I’m catching my daily share of pike, although the big ones still refuse my flies.


15 ire 2 R

But I’m here for another week, so anything can happen…

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One Response to Ireland, Spring 2016 part 2 (by Stefaan)

  1. Cédric says:

    We will most certainly do that over again, couldn’t be happier with the company. And thanks to the ‘mama’ for the kindness and exellent cooking. Missing Smith’s steak tough. My first time in Ireland won’t be the last time, of that i’m sure.


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