Ireland, Spring 2016 part 3 (by Stefaan)

All good things come to an end, so I find myself at home again after 3 weeks fishing in Ireland.

The last week, it was just Frederik and I, so it was a bit calmer, although I think we spent even more hours on the water. I’m not complaining, especially because circumstances were finally how they were supposed to be. The temperatures went up considerably, and the pike became very hungry and therefor a lot more active.

Like this one for example, here you see a bream or one of those large hybrids (I couldn’t tell for sure) still sticking partially out of his mouth, but he still took my streamer.

1 ire 3 R

If we would have fished the reed beds now, we could have caught large numbers of small pike. We did it from time to time, just for fun, and every 2 to 3 casts, we hooked a fish. But that’s not why we were here. When the pike are this loose, we look for underwater obstacles (like big stones, small hills, slopes,…) on open water, in search for some bigger pike.

These Irish pike are so much stronger than the ones we got over here. We’ve discussed this with a number of people, but we can’t seem to find any reason for it. Fact is that you can’t compare the strength of an Irish pike with any Dutch, Belgian or French pike. So the moment they reach 70cm, they already give you one hell of a fight.

They will dive as deep as they can…


Followed by the craziest antics out of the water, dive again, come out again…

They also like to hide under your belly boat, between your flippers.

3 ire 3 R

And once you think you can land them, they’re off again (isn’t it, Frederik?)

4 ire 3 R

Anyway, we caught a lot more pike this week over 70 and 80cm. Here’s a small selection:



7 ire 3 R

On a lot of the pictures, you can see that Frederik brought his spinning rod along, but I don’t think he even used it 5% of the time. To say it in his own words: “It’s a lot more fun on the fly!” That’s the spirit Frederik!

8 ire 3 R




12 ire 3 R


And we even went over 90cm a couple of times.


15 ire 3 R

No meter pike this week, but that’s ok, because we had a lot of action and stayed on the lakes until the sun went down; not because the pike were biting good at that time, but just because it was so damn beautiful to be out there.

16 ire 3 R

So thanks again Frederik, for a fantastic week! We will do that again for sure!

And this is not the end of my Irish adventure for this year, because I’m going back in four weeks, so…

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